About Boxing, Bars & Bells

Boxing, Bars & Bells has a clear vision:

To make learning to box, lift weights and improve health and fitness accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender and ability while working out in a fun nonthreatening environment. 

Boxing gyms can be intimidating places with classes that involve shadow boxing, hitting and holding pads. Then there are free weight rooms with all banging, crashing, posing, grunting and shouting and people excessively calling each other ‘Bro!’ It’s no wonder some people feel out of place and/or self conscious throwing imaginary combinations like a TikTok routine in front of everyone. 

This is what Boxing, Bars & Bells aims to rectify. Our goal is to teach and encourage people to take part in our classes and reap the many health benefits of weight lifting and the improvements in fitness and confidence that comes with boxing whilst training in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment.

We have invested in a training app for clients and class members to track their sessions, diet, habits and body measurements. Your boxing performance and improvements is also important so we track that too. This works by inserting Bluetooth devices inside your hand wraps so you can see your speed, combinations and punch count in real time and improve week by week.

For those of a competitive nature, you can take part in specifically designed boxing workouts competitions which will be coming in the new year. 

So come and try a free class or get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to training you!

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