BOXING & HIIT is an interactive experience full of engaging choreographed combinations to banging playlists, punching drills and high-intensity interval training.

Trackers in your gloves will record your punch count, punching speed and your intensity for every round.

All this delivers a high-intensity, calorie-burning, amazing cardio workout leaving you with a stress-relieving buzz.

PADS & BAGS will have you hitting the pads with the coach.

Both pad and bag work will be interactive with punches, speed and intensity recorded on the trackers to maximise effort and progress.

This class will have you improving your skills and technique along with learning new combinations.


Physical stressors that our bodies endure daily affecting posture such as prolonged sitting, standing, device use and exercise are targeted and in this class with specific mobility, flexibility and joint strengthening movements.

The hips, shoulders and lower back get particular attention in addition to common rehab exercises for the rotator cuffs, shoulder stabilisers and knees. 

Spaces are limited so reserve yours now.


1 Class


Valid for 3 months

5 Classes


Valid for 6 months

10 Classes


Valid for 6 months