breakfast cereals

People often ask if breakfast cereals are healthy. Some are but most aren’t and some that claim to be, that have been packaged in paper type bags, funky looking cardboard boxes and have ‘Gluten Free’ plastered all over them are shit too. By ‘shit’ I mean full of hidden sugar. In addition, manufactures make it difficult to understand so you actually end up consuming more sugar than you though.

Anything that can be edible after 6 months of not needing to be frozen, or refrigerated that claims to be healthy needs to be questioned. Clearly fortifying and processing has taken place which means hidden sugars and or salt is within…

The recommended portion size won’t touch the sides! Manufactures claim a portion size is 30 to 45g and that’s before milk has been added. To put this into a slice of bread before butter has been added is 38g. So if a ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal claims it has 6.6 g of sugar like the one below, should you have the equivalent weight of 2 slices of bread you’ll be consuming almost 3 tea spoon of pure sugar (11.1 grams) considering each spoon is considered 4 grams.

For a real laugh, let’s look at a packet of Frosties!


Let’s start with what they claim the weight of a bowl is being 30 grams. Here is 30g of cornflakes in a bowl on a set of scales. And its a small bowl because they are small scales, so much so, I’ve had to zoom the display. Bear in mind a 30g serving is less than a slice of bread (38grams) in weight so I doubt you’d feel full on a breakfast of this insignificant magnitude recommended by a cartoon tiger.  Anyway, let’s say your portion is the same weight as two slices of bread like the cereal above this works out to be 6 and a quarter teaspoons of sugar.

But wait! There is about 5grams of sugar per 100ml of milk (all types of dairy contain roughly the same sugar content) and cereal manufactures and Tony the tiger reckon you should use 125ml of milk per 30g serving which as we know would have trouble satiating a mouse. So, adding the sugar from the milk to the bowl of type 2 diabetes and you have precisely 34grams of sugar which is 8.5 teaspoons of sugar!

Excellent work cereal manufactures. This might go some way to explain why our children are getting

This might have something to do with the fact that Tim Mobsby, area president of Kellogg’s Europe (at the time) along with heads from Pepsi, Cadbury, McD’s were summonsed to be examined by UK parliament about the growing obesity epidemic but I digress…