On Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November I am going to be trialing online classes LIVE  for special people only. Special meaning, clients, former clients, close friends, and family.

The class will be 30 minutes long and will focus on mobilising and strengthening muscle groups most affected by sitting for long periods of time such as the hips, shoulders, thoracic spine, arms, and legs. Everything basically.

The class will be broken down into  three sections:

mobility warm-up

bodyweight circuit


The live classes will run via the myzone app. If you have a myzone heart rate monitor this means I will be able to see your heart rate in real-time and you will be able to see everyone else’s to see how hard you are working compared to others.

Below is a short questionnaire to gauge interest, preferred time (as I may do two in a day to accommodate), and additional classes you’d potentially be interested in.

Please note you do not need a myzone belt to take part, just the app.

The class will be recorded and available on demand.