The Compound Club

Code Of Ethics

The health and fitness industry is still in its infancy with no governing body. As such, The Compound Club has created its own Code Of Ethics based on personal values and beliefs and the first hand experience of how the market has evolved over the last 25 years.
There are two codes, one code for Fitness Instruction and Personal Training and another for Coaching. This is because the two roles require different core skills.

Instructor/Personal Trainer

To prioritise the wellbeing, safety, values, goals and comfort of class participants and clients at all time where and whenever possible.
Participants will be treated with professional courtesy, compassion and care.
The privacy and confidentiality of all class participants, clients and contacts of The Compound Club will be afforded with the utmost respect in the following ways:
  • By complying with all current data security protocols, (e.g. protecting your personal details and storing your data securely).
  • By not disclosing or sharing any personal or identifying details in any form (other than as required by law or regulation).
  • By asking permission before sharing anything publicly such as achievements, feedback or testimonials on The Compound Club Website or digitally (e.g.on social media).
Never to exploit class participants, clients or contacts, financially or otherwise and never to seek personal gain from client relationships.
To act with objectivity within all areas of knowledge.
  • To ensure The Compound Club is up to date with applicable regulations, procedures and rules and to understand what falls within its scope of practice.
  • To set clear, accurate and reasonable expectations in relation to the performance of services.
  • To define the terms of all business arrangements (e.g. payment, frequency, products and coaching practice) immediately and explicitly, and reinforce them often.
  • To behave honestly, and to provide clear information about what results class participants, clients and coaching clients can realistically expect to see.
  • To keep skills current and to pursue professional competence, excellence and mastery.

The Compound Club’s aim is to be a credit to the wellness, health and fitness and health coaching professions.

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