Emotional eating awareness log

This questionnaire is totally nonjudgemental, it is purely a fact find and awareness exercise.

We all have stressful days which can spark emotional eating. Sometimes it’s possible for these to go unnoticed and sometimes you’re fully aware.

Firstly it must be noted that emotional eating is serving a purpose for you at the time whereby you need something to fill a void, lift your mood, or just having a ‘**** this’ moment. These things are all very common.

The trouble is that sometimes they can become a regular occurrence. Anyone that has not experienced an episode that involves emotional eating, drinking, or substance abuse is lying. They will always be a party, event, or personal issue that can cause one, it’s called life and the goal is not to control them, control is futile, but manage and become aware of them so that possible triggers can be avoided.

Your information is always kept in the strictest of confidence (please refer to the privacy policy). That said, if there are things you wish to refrain from putting on here but would like to discuss, please note them down and either arrange a coaching call or bring it up during your next scheduled session.