Life is a fight

Life is like a fight, there’s you and life. That’s your opponent.

It’s always there, right in front of you, throwing punches and putting you under constant pressure. It’s relentless. It doesn’t stop, it just keeps coming forwards. It will catch you off guard, it will hit you and keep hitting you because it doesn’t fucking care if it has just landed a punch. know it will be already  loading up the next one. That’s what it does, not intentionally, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that is it does. And it’s not just you either. Everyone has to fight this fucker so you’re not alone. 

But this is your fight and no one else’s. But like everyone else you have a choice. Are you going to stand there and just take the shots, give up and then go down? If so will you stay down and let yourself get counted out? Will you then look back on your fight knowing you gave it your best or will you regret not trying harder?

But understand regret is futile because you can’t change the past. What you can do is put your guard up, set your feet and change your beliefs because your actions will dictate how your fight ends.

It’s here you might realise there is another opponent. There’s your opponent standing in front of you trying to knock you down and there’s another opponent far more sinister and dangerous in their approach, , judging your every move and this one can make you lose the fight before a single punch has been thrown. This opponent will hold you back, make you doubt yourself and tell you all of the bullshit stories of why you shouldn’t fight and how you’ll lose.

This second opponent is your inner self.

So now you must fight both and when you’ve been hit and knocked down get the fuck up and fight back again. If you won this fight by now it wouldn’t have been worth it. Only the hardest fights have the sweetest victories. Fight with your heart always being true to yourself and honest with your opponent even if they land a low blow which they will. More than once. Only when your trust yourself will you have a chance.

Use your skill, learn from your mistakes, where the punches land so you can block or pre-empt them next time. Set your feet and and find your balance. Without this initial grounding your are nothing. Punches that have meaning, that will create more opportunity can only be thrown from a solid base. You must have balance at all times.

Believe in yourself and visualise your punches landing. Take the fight round by round, not looking for the big finish as you will leave yourself open. Move forward. And when you’re moved back, regain your grounding and move forward again and again. If that doesn’t work then think outside of the box and move side to side. Understand and believe there is always a way.

If you don’t own your beliefs, your goals, your composure you don’t have a chance. You have to win the fight against yourself every step of the way because even when you’re winning you will be fought backwards by your own self beliefs unless you learn to own them right now. You own yourself, your beliefs do not own your and they can be changed to fight with you rather than against you because you are stronger than they are. You just have to keep fighting and fighting.

You will have to fight every fucking day. Even when you have nothing in you to fight back with. Even when you think there’s no hope, even when everyone else thinks there’s no hope.

But one thing will keep your going, your soul. If your soul is still in the slightest way intact, you have a chance. It may be battered, it may not be as strong as it once was but as long as there is a heart beat there is a soul and that all you need.

Believe in yourself, commit and fight.

Jamie Toff 2020