My Guide to menopause

This is a guide that looks at dietary and exercise methods for women either pre or perimenopausal. It’s called ‘My Guide’ because you can customise it to your needs and have your own report emailed directly to you. 

What is covered:

  • The stages of menopause
  • The affects this has on your hormones and body
  • Dietary advice on methods to help ease symptoms
  • Dietary advice on supporting exercise
  • Advice on types of exercise
  • Lifestyle advise throughout all stages

What is not covered:

HRT. This is way beyond my scope of practice and you should only seek the advice of a medical professional. Below are sone helpful links should you require further professional advice.

If you are looking for an immediate answer to a question, JustAnswer is an online service where you can ask a doctor any question and get a pretty quick response.

The NHS has a dedicated menopause area on their website found here and this is a link to the British Menopause Society. Although this is for medical professionals, newly published papers on menopause often appear here so if you wanted to delve into HRT more deeply this would be a good place to start.


  1. Menopause timeline
  2. How it can affect you
  3. How your diet can help
  4. What exercise is best
  5. Your report

Menopause timeline

Menopause is a series of changes that occur over the course of several years typically between the ages of 45 and 55. The graph above shows the timeline of estrogen production