Here you will find a useful guide to understanding all of the important features of your Myzone belt on the app. A more detailed tutorial can be found in your settings, how to find this can be found at the bottom of this page.

Covered here is more of a ‘quick start’ guide including the home and workout screens, what each section means and how to interpret the information for your first workout.

We will work through the tiles starting with the left hand side.

main screen

The main screen is accessible by tapping the myzone logo in the bottom right hand corner at any time. From the main screen you can navigate to all the main features of the app.

Body Metrics

Here are your body metrics that can be entered manually if you know them or from your phone’s health app if the information has been updated.


This screen will display all connections you have made. I will send a request to connect once you have set up the app.

home screen

Here you will find your workout feed. This will contain all of your workouts along with all of the workouts of the people you are connected with.

How to set the CountDown


These will be challenges that you have accepted or designed. I will be setting you challenges to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

MZ Chat

Here you will be able to chat with all of the people you are connected with.


To see all the features of the workout tile tap the image below

MYZONE tutorials

To find the tutorials in the myzone app, go to the setting icon and scroll down to Tutorials