Nutrition Coaching

Lose and manage weight for good!

Find your way of eating and learn to manage your eating habits even when life gets in the way. Which is normally every day…


What is nutrition coaching?

The best way to define proper nutritional coaching is by explaining what it isn’t. 

  • It isn’t counting calories. 
  • It isn’t working out and eating in macro nutrient percentages.
  • It isn’t being made to feel guilty if you look at a slice of cake. 
  • It’s not giving up anything (including but not limited to – alcohol, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, sweets). 
  • It’s not making a scene at kids’ parties by refusing every food in sight. 
  • It’s not making the same scene with worse language at other social engagements involving adults. 
  • It’s not following a food plan, although you think you may need one, YOU DON’T.

Why eating plans will never work…

You see, all of the above which you may have been led to believe ‘works’ doesn’t. And quite simply, it never will. 

People are led to believe that you need to follow a plan! This is because it often justifies the cost you shell out for said diet, book or ‘influencer’s’ PDF which claims to have solved the global weight loss myth. But, like Mike Tyson once said, ‘everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.’ 

Let’s now consider it is life that’s throwing that punch because quite frankly, it smacks you in the face pretty much on a daily basis. Of course, some days, weeks, months and even years deliver a bigger wallop than others. 


Your life, your situation, your eating! 

The point is this, after a day of looking after children, or looking after children and working, or dealing with an irate or irritable boss/client/employee/amazon delivery driver/ husband and on the very rare occasion, wife, working from home spending the entire day sitting, navigating around delayed trains and/or traffic and slow walking people what you’ll find is that it will be your emotions that dictate what you eat, not your meal plan!

That’s what nutritional coaching deals with. You! Your life, your situation, your eating and how you can manage what you eat when emotions run high and your day doesn’t go to plan. Because it won’t. And it won’t on quite a regular basis. 


How does it work?

To establish your own personal framework and roadmap that are guided and coached towards, your daily routines are discussed and the situations that lead to troubled and/or emotional eating patterns are identified.

Progress is monitored weekly or bi-weekly with 30min coaching calls where new goals are established, options are discussed on how to achieve them looking at how, when and where they could be disrupted. Your tasks are then loaded onto my coaching app where a schedule, reminders and habit checks will make you accountable the implementing your new habits.. 


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