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On this page:

  1. The importance of the food diary
  2. What is contains
  3. How to load to the app

The importance of the food diary

This process is not about judging you. It’s not a parent or teacher type of relationship where you will be I the wrong. You will never be in the wrong, ever and you won’t be told you are. This relationship is based around developing accountability through regular checkins, coaching calls and tasks such as taking a picture food diary.
All this helps implement new habits one step at a time that you can manage and sustain so that you reach your goals and this can only happen if you honestly log everything you eat, drink and at what time. The time is important because patterns usually form which we can work with. Notice how we work ‘with’ eating patterns and not ‘against’. 
The numbers have to add up and these numbers are the calories in and calories out. If, for example, we calculate that to reach your goals you roughly need 1500 cals a day yet the pictures loaded suggest 1000 calories. Then you’re training 4 times a week and you are lightly active during the day (movement outside of exercise eg. how long your are sedentary you are during the day) and the scales aren’t moving then something is a foot…
This could be one or some of the following:
1. Some of the meal pictures are missing.
2. Drink pictures are forgotten or intake is underestimated.
3. You have an underachieve thyroid.
4. Exercise isn’t being done.
5. Daily activity (hoe much you are moving outside of exercise) is underestimated.
6. Other hormonal problems are present that need to be addressed starting with blood testing (which I can advise / help with because I work with Thriva and can refer you and you receive a discount).
It must be remembered that nothing is excluded from your diet.
This is NOT an exclusion process it is an Inclusion process that fit’s into you your life where nothing is taken away. 
How to load your picture food diary