How to take progress photos

Below is all the information you will need on how to take progress photos and load them onto the app. 

What to wear.

Wear something that shows off your body shape as much as you are comfortable with. For example, leggings, sports bra, swimsuit, shorts.

Lights and camera setup.

Stand in front of a bare wall and aim to have as few distractions as possible in the photos. Set up your camera about 5–7 feet away from you so that it can capture your whole body from head to toe. You can use a tripod if you have one or have a friend snap the photo. Check to make sure the lighting is right for the details you want to see.

Write it down.

Write down exactly how you took the before pictures (camera settings, lighting conditions, how far away the camera was, etc.). This will help you duplicate the same conditions in the future. If your friend took the picture, get them to take a shot of your set up and send it to you.

Three photos.

Take 3 total photographs: one of your front, one of your side and one of your back standing like the images below.


  1. Stand relaxed gently turning your hips under and pulling your navel towards your spine.
  2. Avoid slouching or pull your tummy in too much.
  3. Position your chin parallel to the floor and look straight ahead. 

Front image

Back image

Back image

Uploading your progress photos


From the dashboard, tap the 'Logbook' icon


Now select
'Progress Photo'


Next, add your photo.


It is advised that you upload a photo rather than take your picture from the app.


Choose the picture from the your library and save.


You will then see your picture uploaded

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