Non Meat Salads

Tips on buying breakfast from Waitrose

  1. Choose a pot such as eggs and spinach or eggs spinach and avocado.
  2. Choose your protein such as smoked salmon or salmon steak / flakes or chicken (yes, you can eat chicken for breakfast, it’s just that our media and cereal companies have successfully convinced us it’s weird to).
  3. Choose a shot (optional)
  4. Do your best to avoid cereal. For more info on why, click here.
  5. Do your best to avoid bread, croissants etc. Most coffee shops and supermarkets heat (NOT MAKE) their own bread because the smell permeates the store. This is deliberate because its customers are normally hungry. The smell then stirs the taste buds, tummies and brains of the customers present into a frenzy of shit quality bread purchasing zombies.

Eggs, spinach and eggs spinach

You can add smoked, flaked or salmon filet to this and avocado. If you purchase avocado it would be wise to bear your lunch in mind and or breakfast the next because avocados have a tendency to be one of those items you forget about and go off and they ain’t cheap…

It would be wise to pair a lunch relatively low in fat such as a tuna salad from Pret or a bag of salad leaves and add your own chicken . breast and olive oil dressing.

Avocado, Feta & Rice Salad

Rainbow Salad

Avocado & Feta Salad

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rather than use the salad dressings that accompany the salads, my advice would be to purchase a good quality extra virgin olive oil, preferably cold pressed, and keep it at your office / desk for lunches. Salad dressings can have lots of hidden calories in the form of sugar so it’s best to replace them with this excellent alternative. Here are some of the benefits should you wish to read more.

Extra chicken for added protein

Salads / lunches with meat

Piri Chicken, Rice & Bean Salad

Packs of additional meat

Lemon & Herb Chicken

Chicken Tikka Pieces

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Snacks / other


Watch out for sweetened yogurts

In the picture below you have a non flavoured yogurt on the left and a flavoured yogurt on the right. Snack size pots are 150g and the numbers quoted are per/100g. This means, total sugar (yellow arrow) for non flavoured will have 8.1g of sugar and the flavoured pot will have 14.3g of sugar. Bear in mind that a teaspoon of table sugar is between 4 and 5g you will now see how much sugar is added to what’s commonly know as ‘healthy snacks’.

FYI, if you are, or think you are, or have branded yourself without clinical identification to be lactose intolerant, the fermentation process significantly reduces lactose (the sugar molecule in dairy that is undigestible if you are lactose intolerant) in kefir yogurt and milk.

This is because bacteria feed on the lactose in the milk producing lactic acid which changes the structure of the milk proteins and causes it to curdle.

For more info, here is a study written by experts explaining fermentation and here are 9 health benefits of kefir yoghurt.

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