Problems Faced By Customers & The Industry 

The Stigma Associated With Boxing & Strength Training

HIIT, boxing and strength training, which are the core of The Corner Club’s gym model are becoming more and more popular* but there is still a stigma associated with them.

Facilities and classes often take place in environments that are perceived as threatening due to their, participants, instructors, session content and at times because of their marketing.

The unfortunate result is an avoidance of many potential trainees and adopters.

* Source, Class Pass Dec 2022 class booking analysis

The Compound Club Solution

The Corner Club will tackle this issue known as ‘gymtimidation’ * head on.

It will conceive the successful methodology implemented in a prototype studio, currently operated by the group’s founder in Lingfield, Surrey. Boxing, Bars & Bells** which launched small group (4 persons) boxing and strength training classes in November 2021 has 52 classes a month and is running at 91% capacity.

** Generic google search on ‘gymtimidation’

** Boxing, Bars & Bells website

Customer Obsticles

One of the main factors people abstain from joining a gym is a lack of confidence*.  This can be even more amplified with boxing and strength training classes.

Having to throw punches, hit bags and lift weights as a beginner in front of strangers is an extremely uncomfortable prospect for most.

* Source, Better UK study

Our Solutions

Boxing, Bars & Bells has successfully overcome this barrier by offering every interested customer a free no obligation one to one training session.

This delivers an important confidence boost ahead of the potential’s initial class ensuring the best possible experience which is vital for conversion.


The success of Boxing, Bars & Bells is also down to the nature and creative content of the classes. In a group training setting, beginners can often feel lost because it is impossible for an instructor to help everyone at once.

This only adds to a participant’s self-consciousness because they don’t know what to do.

From day one, each bag and station at the studio was partnered with a screen displaying images and video clearly outlining exercises, combinations and round timing to guarantee guidance for every participant throughout every session.

This visual setup and process is an integral part of the company’s methodology.

Customer Retention Strategy 

Why People Go To The Gym

Improving health and weight management are the main reason people go to the gym.

You’ll see from gym websites and hear sales staff often boast to potential customers about how their various machines and classes will do this for them and deliver results.

The problem is, in the majority of facilities not a single tracking method other than participant attendance can prove their claim.

With strength, training tracking is more simple. A participant can lift 50kg for 5 reps. The following week they can then attempt 52.5kg. However, this data needs to be recorded and suitable programme followed.

Tracking progress in a boxing class is far more difficult. The trainee or coach is simply unable to count and estimate the intensity of every punch thrown by each trainee.

Using Technology To Track Progress

The Compound Club will inherit the use of technology successfully used at Boxing, Bars & Bells. This is a vital part or the business model which is used to track the progress of each participant in every session.

Tracking Boxing 

Small Bluetooth devices slip seamlessly into each glove of every participant. Punch speed and punch count are recorded that return an intensity score for each round. The figures are displayed on a large screen so that people can track their performance in real time.

Specific bag routines and ‘punch out drills’ have been designed which stay consistent for a given period of time so that PB’s can be targeted and beaten. Everyone is encouraged to better their own score but it is clear a strong element of interclass competition remains between many participants which increases output and elevates the experience even more.