Thank you for your interest in the Slaughter and May online fitness classes by The Compound Club.

The following information provides details of the classes, how to register and staying safe during your sessions.

If you require any further details on what is involved or the intensity of the classes, please contact Jamie at The Compound Club by any of the methods below.

Mobile: 07973 394 890
The Portal

After completing the registration below, you will be sent your login details for The Compound Club web portal. From here you will be able to view the class schedule, book, and join a class via zoom.

You will also have access to several exercise tutorial videos which provide coaching on many of the movements found in the classes.

The portal can be viewed on desk/laptop computers, tablets and mobiles.

Booking Information

There will be three classes a week limited to 30 attendees.

Booking allocation is released at 12:00 pm every Monday for that week’s classes.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

There is a waiting list if classes are oversubscribed, again allocated on a first come first served basis. 

Time Table

Tuesday 12:30 HIIT 45 minutes

Thursday 12:30 Mobility and Flexibility 30 minutes

Friday 12:30 HIIT 30 minutes

HIIT Classes

High Intensity Interval Training is:

  • Short bursts of exercise, typically compound movements, performed for 20 to 60 seconds either in isolation or grouped with other exercises to form ’rounds’. These are followed by rest periods of between 10 seconds and 1 minute.
  • All movements are scaleable and will be demonstrated beforehand.


  • Several studies suggest HIIT’s higher level of intensity paired with short rest periods over SSC (steady state cardio such as running) is more effective for energy expenditure. It also produces a higher metabolic rate in the 24 hour period following the session.
  • In a 2020 study*, HIIT was associated with improving cardiorespiratory fitness, cardiovascular function, anthropometric variables, exercise capacity, muscular structure, and function.


Mobility & Flexibility

Mobility and Flexibility

As a natural part of our ageing process we get stiffer and less mobile – but what isn’t natural for us is the amount of sitting we now do. The result is an acceleration of decreasing joint ranges which in turn can increase the chance of injury, muscular strains and raise the risk of falls and potential bone fractures. Mobilising and stretching are very useful tools that we can incorporate into everyday life to reduce these risks.

These sessions will focus on two types of stretching: static, where a position is held for a period of time,  typically more than 30 seconds; and, dynamic stretching which is more referred to as mobility, and where the focus is placed on the muscles surrounding the joint using movements which aren’t held. 

The class targets muscle groups which are most affected by sitting down such as those in the back, shoulders and hips. It is not a yoga or pilates class, although those that take part in these activities may recognise some of the movements. It is similar to a long warm-up for a workout and is, therefore, low intensity.

Taking part in this class will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and possibly more youthful too!  

Important Information

Please read the important information below about staying safe for your online exercise classes. 


Your exercise area

  • Please ensure your workout space is free of obstruction in front, to the sides and behind you.
  • Avoid working out near furniture such as coffee tables and ottomans and other smaller items you could trip over.
  • Keep your workout space clear of laptop wires, phone cables and other leads.
  • Make sure children and pets cannot get in your way.
  • Have a flow of fresh air in the room.
  • Keep your phone close by at all times in case you need to make an emergency call.

Equipment and clothing

  • You will need an exercise or yoga mat for floor exercises, preferably non-slip.
  • Please use a towel to wipe sweat off to avoid making your workout floor from becoming wet and slippery.
  • We recommend you wear trainers for exercise rather than exercising barefoot to avoid injury to feet and toes and slipping.
  • Shorts and/or legging type clothing for the lower body is preferable so that the instructor can see your hip and knee alignment and correct if necessary.
  • Use a plastic or metal non-spill water bottle instead of glass.

Health and safety hints

  • Know your limits.
  • Take breaks when necessary. If you feel faint, rest and do not continue until you are absolutely sure you are able to do so or contact the instructor via the chatbox if you need assistance.
  • If a movement or particular exercise hurts, either limit the range of movement or stop. Move to pain but never through it. The instructor will always provide advice on correct techniques and offer alternatives when appropriate.
  • Hydration. You will need water for each session. Avoid gulping during the class or drinking too much directly before. Ideally, your water consumption should be 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day. On hot days, increase water consumption by 500ml or roughly a pint. Sports drinks are unnecessary and usually contain sugar and/or sweeteners.
  • Some people are able to train on a full stomach, others can’t so please be sensible about when you eat before exercise. As a guide, finish eating around one hour beforehand.

Tech – Cameras, audio and visual

  • Phones and laptops can be used for cameras and should be positioned as per the images below.
  • If using wireless headphones or a speaker please ensure you can hear the instructor clearly. Make sure wireless headphones can’t fall out easily.

Camera position and set up

  • To register for the classes, please complete the following form

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  • Please sign here to confirm you have read and understood the health and safety information on this page.